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Wireless Building Amplifiers Dual Band Cellular / PCS (800/1900 MHz)
841245 KIT-SOHO 50 dB In-Bldg Amplifier Kit
Kit Includes: 301202, 801245, 301135, 951104, 952330, 971108
BigSky TruckNStuff offers the 841245 SOHO In-Building Amplifier kit, one of the most versatile on the market. Kit includes the SOHO 50 dB Dual-band Amplifier, coupled with Wilson’s cutting-edge omni-directional antenna and the internal panel antenna. To complete the kit are 30’ Wilson400 and 20’ RG58 coax cables.

MSRP $649.95   

BigSky Price $529.95
841262 KIT-DB Pro - 62 dB Signal Boost Amplifier Kit
Kit Includes: 801262, 301155, 301201, 950650, 950620, 950630, 971129
Experiencing a weak single inside of buildings? The SIGNALBOOST DB Pro (841262) cellular amplifier kit significantly improves reception quality of any cellular device on any network (except Nextel). The principal element of this kit is the DB Pro dual band (800/1900) amplifier. With a new high-gain design, the external omni-directional gain antenna with multiple mounting options eliminates the hassle of researching cell site locations and antenna pointing. This is paired with the inside panel antenna, which is designed for optimal in-wall mounting and rebroadcasts the amplified signal. In order to simplify the cable runs, all components are interconnected using provided standard TV cable (RG6) which is easily available and often found pre-installed for convenience. BigSky TruckNStuff is proud to feature the Wilson Pro kit, which is specifically designed to create a stronger signal on one or more rooms in any indoor environment. Broadcast distance for all cellular amplifier kits depends on several factors, including the signal strength outside the building where the outside antenna is mounted, the size (gain of the amplifier) and the frequency that your carrier uses, with 800MHz carrying significantly farther than 1900MHz. For more information on how best to optimize your system, contact BigSky TruckNStuff to speak with a representative.
MSRP $779.95   
BigSky Price $599.95
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